From band tee's to slogan tee's. Why you need to let your T-Shirts do the talking for you.

Koh Phangan is mainly known for its full moon party. However when we visited the Island we missed the full moon party. We made the most of our week there. Spending one half of the week on one side of the Island and moving to the other to experience its full potential. 

We hired a moped which allowed us to travel around the Island quickly as some of these destinations are a little spread apart. 

Wrap skirts are great for those who shy away from the mini. So let me persuade you to wear yours during the day.

As many of you know, my site may be called 'Petite Side of Style' but I don't succumb to only showing petite items. I like to incorporate a little bit of everything. But when a brand specifically wants to showcase their Petite collection, my two little arms rise in the air with delight.

When you hear of Koh Phangan, full moon parties come to mind. This resort will completely change and open your mind to visiting the Island for different reasons. 

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