Have you ever had an item in your wardrobe, for so long, that every time you go to wear it, you simply cannot think of what to wear it with so you keep putting it back?

I never thought I would see myself in a pair of kitten heels again

One of my favourite trends this summer has been the straw bag trend

Thats right, Im calling it. The perfect summer shoe

Because gingham isn't going anywhere

After spending a few nights in Capri we ended our trip with 24 hours in Naples. 
Ive put together a 24 hour travel guide to Naples

Clothes for many of us have a story with them, and it's one of the reasons why I find having a closet clear out can be quite difficult for me. A lot of my clothing has some kind of sentimental value to them or, like I said, a story behind them. 

Move over the little black dress there is a new girl in town and she is even sassier than you

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