More over Kim K we now all have access to THAT long camel coat look thanks to Missguided

Not only is it such an affordable price, but it comes in other colours too (Just a little bit shorter, but even cheaper)...

So whilst we are on the subject of Coats and Missguided here are some of my favourites (use the arrow to scroll through, you might find something you like)...

If money grew on trees, I really would have every one of them!

Now back to the outfit. 

Im wearing ASOS Shirt, BooHoo Jeans with Missguided Heels and Coat

Who can't pull over jeans and a shirt - the answer nobody because it is so easy peasy. 
Flats, Heels. Coat no Coat. Jumper over the shirt, no jumper over the shirt. Get my drift. What ever the occasion, you can never go wrong with a shirt and jeans. 

Saving another favourite of mine till the end....

The shoes (I'm sure you have already noticed them by now, right?)

The extra long strap allows you to tie these open toe heels around your ankle several times or in one large knot - up to you! 
The thin heel and tassels make for the perfect stand out "Look at here shoes, are they designer?" thoughts. 

Also available in other colours;

Im really sorry the coat has sold out so quickly (I will let you know once its back in stock).
Until then here are some similar ones I found else where on the web;



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Whooo, Friday is here, so to brighten it up even more, heres a post with a bright Sunflower.
Sticking to my wardrobe basics today, adding Mules to liven it up - living on the edge eh! This French Connection Jacket is no longer available as it was last season, but I've added my favourite in the above list.

Whats your basic outfit, whether its going to get flowers from the shop at the end of the road or just to chill around the house?

Or Treat Yourself:



Exact Items:

From Trench's to Capes. I wish these never went out of fashion because they are so easy to wear and they are the most glamorous piece of knitwear in my opinion. The fact that this ASOS cape is reversible means your buying two capes for the price of one - whats not to love?
They are also perfect if you can't tell the weather. If your not sure if its going to be warm or cold. So if you do opt for a T-Shirt and it gets chilly, throw your cape on and snuggle up. (Or make like me and wear a polo neck and be boiling hot)

More Capes:

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