Feeling Folky

So I've blogged twice this month, but not about anything personal or Fashion Related just Fashion Design related.
Summer hasn't been very nice this year so i haven't been able to wear much of my summer outfits, or go out for that matter. So Ive just been working loads.

This week was Folk week; an excuse to get drunk and go out for a whole week, enjoying live bands and drinking on the streets.
I went down on Wednesday with the girls. Here's some snaps of my night out:


My dress was from Jane Normal and only £15 what a bargain.
I also decided to wear fake eyelashes which i never do

Make up

Foundation - No7 Mouse
Bronzer - Collection 2000 Shimmering glow powder
Blusher - Collection 2000
Eyelashes - Image
Eyeliner - Rimmal London, exaggerate Black Liquid
Mascara - Collection 2000, collagen curl

I shall blog again soon, my next blog will be about Mono Blahnik, a famous fashion designer.

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