♥ Weekly Portrait #4

Wow it's actually on the correct day!
So i no theres more than two here but i wanted to try out the photo booth its so much fun and it will be so good for when i'm living in london, great to Skype! So i had some fun with that. 
I've also been trying out loosing my fringe... Im still so unsure of this as i've always had a really big side fringe that covers my forehead, but i am absolutely loving Molly from The Saturdays hair, its so gorgeous, then again i'm considering going brown as well. I've been blonde, platinum blonde and now like a grey/silver colour, i don't no what to do next. (Oh the Saturdays song has just come on, Higher!). They all have such perfect hair!!!! 
Dont think ill be posting an outfit this weekend as i'm working all weekend, i'm currently sitting with rollers in my hair trying to pass the time. 
I've been on 104 followers for a few day's, whats going on people, that needs to be rising. Help me :) 
Hope you all have a fab weekend and it's not full of work like mine. 


  1. I love the curls! I also love the gray/silver color. It's so different.


  2. Hmmm, it would be cool to see you brunette for a bit....but I love what you've got right now;)


  3. What a happy Friday day! and wonderful curly hair :)

  4. You're really pretty, love your hair color :) It fits you! Now following!!


    P.S. Was checking your blog and I love your style!

  5. Aww the hair is so different, and beautiful

    reminds me of the sun light
    you're beautiful


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