♥ Weekly Portrait #5

001 My fifth Face Friday post, well i never thought it would be so difficult to just take photos of my self, Ha.
Sorry this one is really late i had a very busy weekend as per usual and i usually try to post it on a sunday if i don't on a Friday but i went to to gym after work and was super tired. 
002 I have decided to put links to the items i wear so you can view them at the store etc, i started this on my previous post and thought it would be a good idea. 
003 Its half term and i have so much Art work to do i shall post some on here, but they will be going under a new heading at the top of the page, 
Today is going to be a catch up day of XFactor and Cheryl Cole on Piers Morgan, i'm sure i will cry. 


  1. Hola guapa!!
    muy chula la trenza!!!
    un besazoooo

    Sweet style

  2. i am absolutely terrible when it comes to doing my hair!! Yours looks beautiful!!

    can you teach me?? ;)

    i don't have bloglovin but you can follow me with google connect if ya want.

    i'm glad i found your blog :)

  3. Adorable! =)


  4. Oh I would LOVE to learn how to braid like this.

    Can you do a tutorial?

    Just Better Together

  5. Que peinado más bonito!!! nos encanta, y tu maquillaje tambien :)

  6. i love this version of a braid! you should definitely do a hair tutorial, because i'd love to copy it! great blog :)
    i'm your newest follower!


  7. love your photos,
    your hairs really pretty :]
    i think you sent me the mssge, thanks ;]

  8. your hair looks so lovely like this :)


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