Fall In Love In The City

Leotard - Topshop
Shorts - Topshop
Over the knee socks - New Look

001 So today i had the London College of Fashion open day for Fashion Management and i found it great. It was also great to know that they have around 4000 applicants a year but can only accept 45. So i'm not going to get my hopes up on this University, even though it is my first choice. 
I had a great day in London with my sister, the most random things are asked of you i was asked to be a hair model in the middle of Oxford Street Station that was rather embarrassing but we had some time to spare. I then was asked to come along to a VIP club and be a 'host', get my make up and hair done etc, what a weird approach. 
I of course made sure i went into Primark but was so disappointed as all i left with was some tan riding boots which will look very nice. There not baggy around my legs either which is great.
I didn't get a chance to look for the LOOK building but i'm sure i will be in London again very soon. 
I'm not a great fan of knee high socks in the day time but i wore a pair of thin black tights underneath so i wasn't to cold and it looked a bit more respectable.
002 I've been wanting to buy something knitty for ages so i quickly rushed into Topshop yesterday before the dentist and found this cardigan, its so comfy and huggish. 
003 Face Friday is on the way (tomorrow hopefully) i am just on my way out so have already taken the photos just need to upload. Hope you all have a fab weekend. 


  1. Adore how you style your hair!!!!!

  2. Love your hair! You look really beautiful :D

    I follow you



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