Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and an even better New Year to come. My amazing boyfriend got me a professional camera a fujifilm S1800 :). Ive been playing around with it to get better with using it, so tonight I am going to take some outfit posts as I'm of to my best friends 20th Birthday Party.
For Christmas Eve, i went out, unfortunately caught no photos, but i wore a black lacy one sleeved dress (which i may wear tonight if i cannot find anything else since the theme is black and white).
Boxing day i brought the Topshop dress i really wanted and it was in the sale at half price. Its the dress pictured in the first few photos, a coral, one sleeved, floaty dress. I love, love it. 
Still have no plans for NYE. I wouldn't mind going to London but at the same time it would be nice to be around people i know.
An outfit post will be up shortly :)


  1. wow, great christmas outfit, pure red always fab

  2. I love your hair =] and you're lucky that you got an awesome christmas present from the bf!

  3. Great photos and great Christmas! ♥


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