Were Just Ordinary People

Boyfriend Shirt - H&M
Tee - Matalan
Socks - New Look
Scarf - Topshop
001 Were just ordinary people is a song from John Lennon, it came on, on radio 1 on the way home from college, i really like the words, so that was the inspiration for this post name.
I wore my secret santa present today along with my boyfriend shirt. I wore tights with knee socks but didn't think it was OK to wear the really thin ones like i did on my trip to London as the shirt is not very long. I've not worn this shirt un-buttoned before but i rather like it. I also wore my Topshop leather jacket to double layer up. 
I love this scarf so much, it's so long and thick, its perfect.
002 College is over for Christmas, YAAY. Decided i'm going to go to the gym a lot more this week. As well as catching up with me Art work. I've been focusing so much on my business, I have really slacked of in Art. So lots of Art work to do. I nearly finished making my denim shirt as well just need to finish the sleeves when i get back. 
003 Nearly 200 followers, a huge thank you to those that read and comment on A Petite Side Of Style :)



  1. Love this post, and how you've changed one of the things in the outfit each picture.


  2. Love your scarf, it looks so comfortable. =]


  3. Amazing outfit!
    Lovely blog, I really like it so following! Follow back? <3


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