January Wants ♥

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001 Tights, I defiantly need to own more. I wear leggings way to much, or even just plain black tights and i don't no why when theres all of these great 'Pretty Polly' or 'House of Holland' tights, so this month I wanted to share some that have caught my eye. 
Even more so My favourite blog that i came across {AND FOLLOWED} was Olivia Lopez, you should defiantly go and check her own, she is only 18 and is a student and stylist and buyer, how amazing is that, her blog is a really good read, and the photos are mesmerising.
002 Yay. I went to the gym today, and so need that summer body. I wouldn't mind one like Anna Lynne (90210).
I also brought my 2011 daily dairy today so should be all organised now. 
003 I have been given my new project for Art and it can be on anything I want, I've decided to go with Fabrics and Components. That way as a primary source i can sketch from my blogged photos as well as starting a portfolio for my University Interviews. I have to now complete an English essay, well two then of to the bar. 


  1. great selection of photos!love the outfits!

  2. Love your blog!
    I'm now following, hope you can do the same :)



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