No, You Can't Hurry Love

Vest - Matalan
Jeans - Topshop
Shirt - New Look
Shoes - Miss Selfridges (not Warehouse oops)
001 It took me so long to find something to ware today, i don't if it was due to laziness or tiredness but it nearly may of made me late! Again. 
I love these Topshop jeans but i always find it difficult to find something to wear with them, especially shoe wise. I think they will be so much better of in the summer when i can get my sandals out, bring on summer. 
This shirt i also wore in my Another Year post but this time i left it unbuttoned. 
Again as always i had no natural day light, its such a pain since i have to leave so early in the mornings. 
002 I gym-ed it this week, over done it i reckon. I did a class on thursday which was; Legs, bums and tums, i absolutely love it, its like doing a DVD workout but with somebody really pushing you (you cant cheat and take a break). Then Friday i did spin class, this is on a bike and you have to keep notching up the pressure. Then Saturday before work i did TWO class, LBT again and Body Pump, which focus' on abs and things. So I am very pleased with myself. 
003 I have chosen the theme of Fabrics and components for my personal project in Art. I hope to use the photos i have taken for my blog and sketch them, as a primary source. I started today by drawing my Topshop Cardigan, when it is finished i will upload it and show you. 
I've just had my first reply from UCAS and it was from UCA Epsom, (personally i thought i changed this option) but they have asked me to sign on and fill out their online application form in order for me to get an interview. I don't have a clue what thats about.

I'm waiting for my Youtube video to upload I hope it does not fail again like it kept doing last week. 



  1. Love your sheer shirt!! I'm a total shirt-obsessive.

    Video-post: C O O L


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  2. omg i absolutely love your blog :)
    please follow me back.

    Alizey ♥


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