Day 4 of Internship with Look

Boyfriend Jumper - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - New Look
Brown Boots - Primark
Earrings - Warehouse
Bangles - Mixed
So because I didn't get my internet working till silly o'clock last night I only blogged for the day before, so will fill you in on what I done yesterday. Although I'm finding it hard to remember. 
I was asked to carry on with returns so sending items back to the companies that had sent them, which is something I will be doing daily. 
After a few hours of that I had to unpack last weeks high street hottest rail, I basically had to put the same brands in the same bag, just to make it easier for us when we are returning them. 
The best part of the day had to be when the stylist brand out baskets of free things we can have. There was so much, I have about five hairsprays now, perfume, YSL make up, the list is endless. 
I also managed to catch glimpse of some of the model castings, they all come in with there high boots and gorgeous long hair, made me very envious, but was great to watch and hear what they said after. 
After having a good rummage I was asked by one of the writers to sort out her filing folder, I was given a huge bundle of paper work and I have till next week to arrange it in alphabetical order and put it back on her desk, it is easier than it seems, I'm already half way through it.


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