Cos she got my favourite smile, her favourite style

Leather Skirt - H&M
White Viscose Shirt - New Look
I wanted a leather skirt for ages but the only one i saw was this Topshop one, but for £36 I didn't feel like paying that, especially when I would only wear it the very odd time. So I got this one for £12.99.
I wore this at the weekend when I went to Maidstone, it was an amazing night, but I wouldn't wear this skirt again if I plan on dancing, you can barley move with it on!
I have my London College Of Fashion Interview tomorrow at 9:30 so I have to leave at 6am! What a killer. Its going to be very pointless really, I'm crap at maths. Oh well. Good luck to me.



  1. I love the leather skirt!!

  2. You look great. Love your leather skirt :))

  3. Nice look, i love the shirt!


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