Girl you no that your the Shh, Way you walking with them heels on

Peach T - Matalan
Leather Jacket - Heeli
Leggings - River Island
Suede Boots - Matalan
Finely a new buy! Being back at work means I can have a rummage! There sale has just started as well so I managed to get this top for £2.50 I think and these black boots which I have had my eye on for only £10. Bargain buys, I couldn't resist. I love them they can be worn with almost anything, and Im not really the type of person to prance around in heels during the day, but these ones are acceptable. 
I love these leggings, they remind me of when I was a little girl, I would wear them all the time, they remind me of horse riding trousers. 
I am so glad the weekend is over, I worked 17 hours on Saturday and another 8 on sunday. Since I've been back everything has gone wrong, my car has broke (the steering has gone), my phone has broke due to having it in the bathroom while showering! 
On a better note, I have been offered a condition offer to Westminster :) I am so happy, I really didn't think I was going to get accepted because of the maths test. The Epsom interview went really well as well, although they don't have on site halls, which was a bit of a disappointment and Epsom is outer London, I really want to be central. 
My bournemouth Interview is next week and LCF the following. Cant wait for them all to be over. I need to spouse up my maths for LCF!!.



  1. matalan ?? serious?? im there!

  2. I really like the boots!



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