Put your pretty little hand in mine

Floral Dress - Matalan
Coral Cardigan - Matalan
Leather Jacket - Topshop
Knee Socks - Topshop
Again, sorry for the lack of posting but to be honest I have worn nothing at all interesting. The weather is    so on and off, I have literally been wearing jeans and a T all week. Today look gorgeous and sunny, and by the end of the day (when these photos were taken) it was dull and gloomy and I am surprised it did not rain. I brought this dress last summer and it is the only summer item I have in my wardrobe. So since the weather is beginning to pick up I have decided to put all my winter clothes away and bring all my summer bits up from the shed, yay, hello summer!  I last wore this dress in my "conversations, hesitations in my mind" post. What a difference a couple of months make!
I have finely accepted my offer for Westminster :) with Epsom being my second choice, so tomorrow my  plan of action is to apply for housing and sort out my fiancee. It seems so surreal to thing that in a few months I will be moving away from home. 
The Easter holiday's start on Wednesday, so it really and truly is time for me to knuckle down if I want to gain a distinction again this year. Although it is my birthday next Wednesday so I can't see it happening. Im of to Bournemouth so if anyone knows anywhere good to head to let me know :). 



  1. i love this look :) you look amazing! the booties are really cute

  2. lovely post (: perfect combination !

    xx, nati&tany

  3. I love how you toughened up the floral dress with the leather jacket. Perfect.



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