Cause You Make Sleeping Difficult

Floral Dress - Tesco, F&F
Purple Cardigan - Matalan

I could defiantly just bitch about the weather in this post. It looked sunny so I decided to wear a dress, but looks were deceiving so had to end up wearing a cardigan, however, it actually looked really nice together. Even though the sun did keep drifting in and out. 
I never go into Tesco to buy clothing, its the last place I would think of actually. But my sister picked this little number out for me and although it weirdly makes me look 5 months pregnant, I really love it. Perhaps i should start to consider Tesco for their clothing. 
Im finding it so hard to sleep lately, just find myself tossing and turning. 
Hence the reason for a midnight blog post and the title of it. 

Short and sweet.

'Cause you make sleeping difficult' Sung by J Holiday; Don't Go 



  1. Great look, your floral dress is gorgeous :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  2. such a pretty post and love your blog header!

  3. So pretty..I love your hair!


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