This time ill never let you go

Knitted Dress - New Look
Knitted Cardigan - Primark 
Brown Tights - Charnos
Brown Boots - Primark

The name of this post is from a song called Never gunna let you go
I think everyone should listen to Big white room, its a song by Jessie J she posted on Youtube before she became famous, her voice is amazing. 

It has been so long since i blogged that blogger has added a location button. 
Scary really i wouldn't want you readers to no exactly where I am.
 I guess it would be different if I travelled around.
 I don't have a good reason for not blogging apart from I was lazy and I didn't want to take photos and upload them just for the sake of it. 
I find it so difficult to decide what to wear in the mornings at this time of year. 
Today when i woke up it looked miserable, hence wearing knit ware and tights. 
Then the sun decides to shine. 
Welcome to England. 

I recently brought this gorgeous coral skirt form River Island and a coral blouse from Topshop but for some reason it wont let me on 

I recently got a tattoo last week, a heart on my wrist. 
It reminds me of the saying 'I wear my heart on my sleeve'. 
I didn't want something huge, just something memorable. 
So no it is not a mole, it is my tattoo, haha. 



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  1. Cute photos!
    I love this outfit!
    It's simple and lovely!


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