Go mad for a couple grams

Sheer Shirt - Matalan
Cape Cardigan - Topshop
Tights - New Look
Belt - Primark

I regretted wearing my Topshop cardigan because although it looked dull outside the sun decided to come out. So I ended up looking so stupid.
The weather has been so lovely the past week. Thats why I have not done many posts.
I went to the beach almost every day and my blog would become very boring with posts in me in vests and short shorts!
I feel like I have not been shopping in forever!
The last thing I brought myself was the leotard from H&M, I've not even been able to buy anything in the sales!
Heading down to Newquay next weekend. Im ecstatic. I hope to do some surfing, or try to!
I got so many compliments when my nails were grey so this time i wanted to stick to a natural colour, whats more duller than white. Although Im starting to think it looks a little like tip-ex now.
I have my Iphone now (white to match the nails). 

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