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Black Sheer Shirt - River Island 
Black Bandeau Top - Topshop
Black Leather Skirt - H&M
Im not the type of person to wear all black, unless asked to. In which case, I was. I travelled to London today to work behind the scenes of Maria Grachnogel, at the Savoy hotel. I spent the day as a dresser, which I knew I would be doing from the experience I got with Look magazine. It seems crazy, that months of planning and organising is over within two minuets. 
I spent the day surround by other interns who had also been asked to join on the day and interns who worked personally for Maria. I really think this is something I am going to look for. An interning experience with a fashion designer. 
I was also asked to pop along to the Look Lounge tomorrow but it costs me nearly £70 just for the day and with no job and being a full time student, I have to give it a miss :(


  1. I love your "see through" blouse, is gorgeoous!! :)

  2. love the outfit! especially the black blouse, everything goes so well together :) xx


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