Welcome to the fresher world

Vest - Topshop
Jeans - River Island
Blazer - New Look
Officially a fresher. How does it feel? Erm, Not quite real. I think because I don't move into halls until October. Im staying in a B'n'b at the moment, so not quite getting the University experience. Two girls from Uni, who are studying Fashion Marketing and Management as well are staying with me tonight. 
Were heading into Epsom for a T-shirt party. To my surprise, I didn't pack a T. 
I didn't know what to wear today. I wasn't to fussed. After all I have 3 years of outfits to pick. So went for a casual but smart look. 
So many girl were in heels, even stilettos. And others were really dressed up. Guess thats something to expect on a Fashion course. 
I also just received an email from Look Magazine inviting me to join them on Saturday. I wonder if any other bloggers are going? 


  1. i love the color of your top! It's super cute :) Kisses

  2. Love the colour of that top! And super jealous that Look got in contact

    T x


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