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Maxi Skirt - Matalan, Knitted jumper - Matalan, Scarf - Topshop
On the days that I do have to go into Uni this month, I just want to wrap myself up in wool and keep warm. You can see in most of the photos my hands are wrapped up in my sleeves.
I done some shopping today, and Im in love. A gorgeous green jumper. Hopefully will be in a post this week. 
I've had job interviews all week one was under the condition that I work, Christmas Eve, Boxing day, New Years eve and Day. Which would mean no going home for Christmas. They called today and told me they want me on the day shifts instead. So hopefully my luck is about to change. 
All this report writing makes me want to get my creative side out, so Ill have pencil and paint in hand this week. 
My last post has become the most viewed post I've done. So I'm defiantly staying away from the white walls. 



  1. This outfit looks so cosy! I remember slogging to lectures at this time of year in the freezing cold - never fun


  2. This outfit looks so warm and cosy :D lovely outfit

  3. That scarf looks so cozy, and I love that maxi on you!


  4. adorable scarf!!cool outfit

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  5. Love it <3
    You Know You Love Fashion
    Virginie Savage

  6. this looks really warm, love the scarf!

    from, helen @ thelovecatsINC



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