Cos she got my favourite smile, her favourite style

Leather Skirt - H&M
White Viscose Shirt - New Look
I wanted a leather skirt for ages but the only one i saw was this Topshop one, but for £36 I didn't feel like paying that, especially when I would only wear it the very odd time. So I got this one for £12.99.
I wore this at the weekend when I went to Maidstone, it was an amazing night, but I wouldn't wear this skirt again if I plan on dancing, you can barley move with it on!
I have my London College Of Fashion Interview tomorrow at 9:30 so I have to leave at 6am! What a killer. Its going to be very pointless really, I'm crap at maths. Oh well. Good luck to me.


You cant touch me now, Theres no feeling left.

Jeans - River Island
Blue and White Striped Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Blue Cardigan - New Look
Brown Boots - Primark
I really went for the casual look today, I love wearing jeans, but I always find it so much easier to find something to wear with leggings or tights. 
Sorry for the lack of posting, I worked last night so was unable to blog. This is what I wore today. Im so happy its spring now, I love summer, there is so much more to do :). And much nicer clothes to wear. 
The title of this post is Nicole Scherzingers song, don't hold your breath. I am really liking it at the moment.
I have my interview for London College of Fashion this Friday, so I have been going over my maths so much, I would hate that the only reason I didn't get accepted is due to my maths, or lack of it. 
I had it all planned Uni, and London, but it seems to all be changing now. 
I have so much college work to get on with and art if I wanna do well this year, so I have so much to keep me focused on! All last week I went out for drinks which is bad and I went out for a drink with some friends tonight, I want to keep myself busy but it needs to be with college work.
Now I dont work weekends, I am going to have so much fun :)
I will post more, I promise.


She shaped just like an hour glass

Grey Knitted Jumper - Matalan
Grey Maxi Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Grey Knitted Cardigan - Matalan
001 This jumper is my latest buy and  a bargain buy at that, it was only £4! It was from Matalan, in the Be Beau section. Sorry for the bad quality of these photos, I think its because my flash wasn't open. Ooops. But I thought I would post it anyway as I love this jumper.
002 I had my Bournemouth interview yesterday, I ended up spending £100 in petrol, for a 20 minute interview. It was awful, I was the only person out of the group to even turn up. I was taken into a room, showed them my portfolio, was asked so many questions, am I a risk taker? what influence does designers have on the industry? what influence does photographers influence me? what influences me? and a few more, then that was it. I wasn't shown around, wasn't shown class rooms or equipment and they didn't even speak to me about the course, like all the other interviews did, they gave an introduction to the course. 
It was so terribly pointless, I drove all that way for 20 minutes. I wish I never went. 
003 Im not working tonight which is nice, so Im of to get my nails done, Im really liking Rihanna's Blue nails in her whats my name video. Then tonight Im out dressed as a sailor for my friends 20th birthday, ill post some photos. :) 
At the weekend I also handed my resignation in at Matalan, so Saturday will be my last shift. I'm going to be given more shifts at the wine bar, is so much more convenient and laid back if I needed time of. So funner weekends for me.

No one man should have all that power

Check Shirt - Primark
Black Belt - Primark
Denim Shorts - River Island
One Strip Tights - Marks & Spencer
001 I really like this outfit post, simply because I'm not stuck against a white wall and it has natural lighting. I have decided since the weather will start getting better I have decided to start doing more outside, outfit posts. I am so looking forward to summer, skirts, dresses and bikinis! I never shop in M&S but these specific tights were one of many pairs I got from my internship. 
002 I have just received my fourth PR enquiry, and I still am baffled as to how to respond to them. Some seem to expect a post where I tell you how great their clothing is, but if I have never used their site, then i'm not going to lie to you all. As much as I find it great that they want to use my blog to advertise, I would prefer a better approach. 
003 This will properly be my last post until Monday, as I'm working all over the weekend and its my mummy's birthday. I have realised I have 36 essays to complete in around 11 weeks. So I have so much to get on with, and that is not including Art, My English and Maths exams! 


Girl you no that your the Shh, Way you walking with them heels on

Peach T - Matalan
Leather Jacket - Heeli
Leggings - River Island
Suede Boots - Matalan
Finely a new buy! Being back at work means I can have a rummage! There sale has just started as well so I managed to get this top for £2.50 I think and these black boots which I have had my eye on for only £10. Bargain buys, I couldn't resist. I love them they can be worn with almost anything, and Im not really the type of person to prance around in heels during the day, but these ones are acceptable. 
I love these leggings, they remind me of when I was a little girl, I would wear them all the time, they remind me of horse riding trousers. 
I am so glad the weekend is over, I worked 17 hours on Saturday and another 8 on sunday. Since I've been back everything has gone wrong, my car has broke (the steering has gone), my phone has broke due to having it in the bathroom while showering! 
On a better note, I have been offered a condition offer to Westminster :) I am so happy, I really didn't think I was going to get accepted because of the maths test. The Epsom interview went really well as well, although they don't have on site halls, which was a bit of a disappointment and Epsom is outer London, I really want to be central. 
My bournemouth Interview is next week and LCF the following. Cant wait for them all to be over. I need to spouse up my maths for LCF!!.


Wearing Polly Makes You Pretty?

Grey checked shirt - Primark
Black Vest - Matalan
Diamond Tights - Pretty Polly
Im home and I have internet which is a great thing. So since I had a lot of time on my hands today I thought I would share with you what I was wearing. I am meant to be going out tonight, so I was just going to wear the shirt as a dress maybe without the shorts, but my mums not to well, so the decision is still up in the air. 
Back to college on Monday and I have so much work to do, mainly for Art, Im always so laid back with it. I got my Bournemouth interview through today and its the week after next and I need a portfolio, so I best get my act together this week!
Im quite disappointed with these tights as on the packaging, the detail in the diamond seems really clear. Maybe its because I'm short that you can't notice them as much. These are the Bandaknees that Jessie J wore throughout her video. 
Have a lovely week 


February Wants ♥

1,  2, 3, 4, 5,  6, 7,  8, 9, 10,
11, 12,  13,  14, 1516, 17, 18, 19, 20,  
001 Since I saw Lily Melrose at the Look show, she was wearing a black floppy hat, from New Look, and it really made me want one. So it is defiantly on my monthly want list. I think a floppy hat is a great accessory for summer, so as soon as pay day comes around, Im out to get one. 
My favourite one this month is number 8, Joellenlove. I love doing these posts because I come across so many great blogs, full of inspiration. So make sure you check this one out. 
002 I had my interview for Westminster today, for Fashion Merchandise and Management. It went so well, the lady said I seem like a very hard worker, and I defiantly have a business head. I was really worried about the maths test but in the end they said it doesn't matter what result you get it's just so we no what areas to help you on (unlike LCF), still need a lot of revision because if I fail the maths test for them, I wont even get an interview, very disappointing. All in All it went really well, we had a group discussion which was a little strange we had to discuss what retailers are doing well and what is effecting the retail world. 
I have another interview tomorrow for Epsom. I need to do a writing task for this one, I will properly be asked either about something happening in the fashion industry or about Fashion Merchandising. So wish me luck. 
I'm going home tomorrow, I'm so excited!!!! I decided to get a coach it was like £20 cheaper but it means I wont get home till late. I don't know if the internet will be working, so make sure you are following me on twitter to stay updated :) 
003 I was recently emailed asking to promote a clothing website, I don't know what I really think of this, or how to respond. How do you guys deal with it, Do you charge, what do you get in return, Its all new to me? Your responses would be great, if you don't want to comment you can email me.
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