iphoto weekly blogger. Week thirteen

A Preview of my the work I've been working on this week
A letter I received 
My drive back to Epsom
A gift that came with the letter received
Girls just wanna have fun right?
A bar, A girl and a Coke
I always told people that Friday the 13th was lucky to me. I liked that everyone found it unlucky. This Friday 13th proved me very wrong indeed. 
I spent half this week at home and the end half back in Epsom. Time to get on with all the work that I left to the end (as always).
I've been at work all today, so tonight I'm going to catch up on some TV I've missed and get on with the rest of my work, and then prepare myself for my maths exam I have this week. Everyone knows you have to be good at Maths if you want to become a fashion buyer. This reminds me I need to look for an evening Maths class. So much to do, I wish I had Bernards Watch. 



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  2. love the mango spreads your working on, looks fab!
    hope your week gets better and you sort everything out love xx



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