It was fate when I got my hands on these dunks at the Topshop on Oxford Street last week. I saw a member of staff give them to another customer and I had to ask him where he got them as I hadn't seen them in the shop. He said there was only one size left - You guessed right, it was my size. 
My first ever pair of dungarees. 
They look great rolled up as well. Now just imagine them with a pair of JuJu Jellies in the Summer.

This crop top is a great bargain from the Prodigy Red website at only £3.99. They asked me to pick some things to feature on my blog, I always choose things myself that I feel fits well with my blog. They have this available in so many different colours. I just think they are a great go to item for your wardrobe on days you need to put a quick outfit together. 
I also like it with the dunks as from the side view it shows a little flesh. 

Not much else to say, apart from this week being deadline week and year 3 dissertation talks have begun. It feels like only yesterday starting Uni. Time flies by. 
I bought two gloss shelves today because I want to put my shoes on them. Without realising I need a bloody drill. DIY is such hard work.

I have a few great posts coming up involving a lot of Summer inspiration. Have a lovely Tuesday evening guys.


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  1. Look lovely gorgeous!


  2. I've been loving overalls! I love how you styled this with the gray top, so casual chic! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  3. Dungarees never looked so good, but I love your top and chucks even more!

  4. Hi, great post love :) Love dungarees just now!

    Please check out my blog?


  5. You are looking so beautiful! Greetings from Germany ;-)


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