Imagine being on the beach in freezing cold temperatures and deciding to take your jacket of so you can all see the lovely detail of this Nana Judy top I was sent. I couldn't stay still so my only option was to spin, spin, spin. 

I love the style of this crop top. Im looking forward to wearing it in the Summer. This will be available online soon - I will let you all know when it is up. Until then take a look at some of the other items from the Heart range here

I spent a very long two weeks back at home with my family and friends. Two weeks was far to long though - especially with no internet. My Mum is in-between moving so refuses to get the internet until she is settled. 
I also turned 22 on Friday, I have shared some photos on my Instagram - joannechristina. Including my amazing Return to Tiffany and Co bracelet.

This month I am featured in the Virgin Atlantic in-plane magazine (also on my Instagram). It is so surreal to think my photo will be flying around the world until June. A friend of mine even saw it when she was on her way back from New York. 


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  1. Love the grays, those jeans look great on you! Happy Birthday! x, Kat

    Love and Ace


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