Let me start by saying these tie dye jeans are now on sale for £16.50 and they are an amazing fit. I am always very fussy with jeans, mainly because Im short but more so when I buy a certain size and they don't fit me well and if I go up a size they become to long. 
But these fit so beautifully and sit very low on the waist. I chose these mainly because of the 90's trend and tie dye print. Something my wardrobe had nothing in comparison to. 

I had to add the photos of Aaron in with this post because he looked SO good this evening. Head to ankle in Zara. I would love to add a bit more of the man behind the camera on my blog... what do you guys think?

Happy Wednesday. Despite me thinking it was Tuesday all day. Im of into London tomorrow for a press day with Coffin on Cake PR - Featuring JUJU Jellies. So be ready for a jelly take over this weekend. 


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  1. Oooh love the jeans, such a good alternative to a tie-dye tshirt! And looking forward to your JUJU Jellies post - totally eyeing them up for my holidays! xx

  2. Your hair and outfit are FABULOUS!! Aaron is dressed so nicely as well :)


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