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Let me start my telling you all... this skirt is only £5.99 
(plus free delivery when you spend over £15)
Prodigy Red have sent me items in the past. I am always cautious when websites are so low priced that the quality is not as good. But I have to say this being the third item from Prodigy Red, that the quality is really good. 
I have worn this a few times since I got it. I think it looks best with high tops or heeled boots. Mainly because I am short, heeled boots don't make it look as though it is drowning me. But I loved the laid back chuck look the converse gave with it. 
Also how big do my feet look in the Converse photo - I'm only a 4!

I am so happy to be in Look Magazine for the 7th time this week! How amazing. I feel so lucky. And it just makes me want to put more effort into my blog. 
Im going to look into getting a new lens for my DSLR and hopefully get even better photos for you all. 

I uploaded a new video to my You Tube Chanel of my Press Day with Coffin On Cake PR - Featuring the new JuJu collection. 
I also done a Vlog of while I was at home so that will be up on Sunday!


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  1. Lovely outfit, your blog is great! What a great price for a good quality item x

  2. Great post! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  3. You are a beauty, particularly in this outfit with the pencil skirt and high top chucks!


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