I really wish I had photographed my weekly outfits from Broadstair's Folk Week, but I didn't have anyone to take the photos for me. 

What Im Wearing: For me this feels very festively, yet casual at the same time. Body chains have become a go to accessory for me. If I have no other accessories to wear I find a body chain livens an outfit up. The kimono covers me up a little, I don't think I would be able to wear this without the kimono. I would feel to bare.

How To Style It: Distressed shorts and a crop top can be styled so easily with chucks - high tops or All Stars, Chelsea boots to casual flip flops. It just depends how you feel. 
These kind of shorts look good even with a basic T if you don't feel comfortable showing your stomach.

A Little More: I HAVE PINK HAIR. Well its more like bubblegum colour. If you follow me on Instagram - petitesideofstyle. You will have seen the photo I uploaded earlier today. I may do a Video on how I done it. I took some outfit posts today so you can see it tomorrow. I loveeeee it. 


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  1. I love the way you have styled this outfit with a kimono!

  2. love this on you hun! i heart the kimono and bag perfect! x

  3. im in love with this outfit! love how youve worn the kimono, perfect! xx

  4. Your kimono is gorgeous. Such a perfect festival outfit. You look so pretty x

  5. Ahhh this outfit is perfect! I remember seeing that kimono in Zara and really wanting to buy it! I love folk/festival inspired outfits.

    Helen at "Hels Yeah" xx

  6. you look so gorge, love the Kimono!

  7. amazing outfit, I'm in love with your style <3


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