What Im Wearing: If you are looking for an elegant evening dress Chi Chi London is the place to look at. 
I chose this dress from Chi Chi London because I am a sucker for elegant draping. The navy and the cream compliment each other so well. The quality is amazing as well for £35. I last bought a dress like this for almost £60 and that was just black. 
I got this in a size Small and its a little tight but fits well, I had to wear this without a bra so if you are lucky enough to have bigger boobs than me I would opt for a Medium. 

How To Style It: A pair of high court shoes will make the draping flow to the floor beautifully. A leather jacket to keep you warm would go lovely. 

A Little More: I also filmed a how to style video today, which I hope to upload tomorrow. Its of my Topshop two tone platforms which I wore to fashion week. 
I also have teamed up with a high street brand for Christmas which I will hope to tell you about soon.

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  1. gorgeous look, your hair is amazing to! xx

  2. i LOVE your hair! and that dress is super cute!

  3. I love your hair! and that dress is super cute!


  4. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  5. Very impressed by the price, perfect christmas dress! You look gorgeous m'dear !! So glad you left your link so thank you. Following x

  6. Such a pretty dress. It looks gorgeous on you!


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