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So I am bored of being pink and I think its about time I go back to being me - Blonde. 
I have gone to the same hair dressers at home (Little Haven) for almost 5 years now. Before them I used to go to any hairdressers that had special offers. Because those of you who are blonde now how expensive it can be (around £90 just for foils). Unfortunately they can't book me in for this weekend when Im home. So I have made an appointment for tomorrow at Toni & Guy

Since it was such late notice I still have pink hair. I last coloured it two weeks ago and washed it around 3 times and then tonight I washed it 8 times to drain the colour out - with washing up liquid as well. The colour is still there but is very light. Im sure they have some way of stripping the colour I just hope this doesn't mean I can't go very blonde. Sighs. 

My biggest blond-spiration is Fanny Lyckman. Who is yours?
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  1. I love Fanny Lyckan! I've actually met her once and she was so nice :)


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