So I have been longing to go back blonde for a few weeks. So made a swift appointment at Toni&Guy.
And it turned out to be one of my worst hairdressing experiences. The women was rude and spoke to me like I had never had my hair done before. She showed know interest in what I wanted and decided to use bleach on my hair - even though I never asked for bleach. I also wanted to show her some photos of the blonde I wanted to achieve which she disregarded and said she did not need to see.
She warned my that putting bleach in my hair would be a waste of her time! I found this so rude and made me feel really awkward. She decided to try it anyway as she changed her mind and said I think it will take.
All in all she put a full head of foils on my hair with bleach. And left it on for 30 minuets - not long enough. And the outcome was DULL. You can still see pink, and my roots are not as blonde as I had hoped. Im more of a white blonde which is not what I wanted.
Silver Shampoo to the rescue. Has anyone else been to Toni&Guy? How was your experience?

This is a quick post as I am about to get the train back to Kent for the weekend. Have a lovely one everyone.


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  1. I had a bad experience a few years ago when I wanted to shift my red hair and go for a brunette ombre look. I wasn't satisfied with how my hair turned out so I went back the next day to complain and they re-did my hair for free until I was happy. It is worth ago!


  2. it's such a shame to hear about this, but i've heard so many similar stories with toni & guy salons when it comes to people wanting blonde. my friend had been having blonde highlights for years and then went to toni & guy as a treat to have the usual done and they put so much bleach on her hair it started falling out there and then in the salon!
    you should make a complaint and a senior stylist should have a go. xx

  3. i know what you're going through. i wanted my hair cut a certain way and she looked at me and said "you know it's not gonna look like this right?". it was still cute, but not what i wanted. hopefully it grows on you until you can have it redone!



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