Denim Shirt - H&M (exact one)
Jumper - Missguided (exact one)
Trousers - Warehouse (exact pair)

This is what I wore to the Missguided SS14 preview event last week. The photos will be going up tomorrow (Thursday). 
I can't believe how quick the weeks are going, before I know it, it will be Summer. Im trying really hard to get into the best shape I can so I can be 100% happy with my body. I've started eating better and have cut out snakes (cheat day on Sundays) and I've even stopped drinking Pepsi/Coke. Im feeling so determined though - I say that with one of the Triangl girls on my desktop! 

Tomorrow I have an event with New Look, Im hoping the tubes are working OK. Follow me on Instagram if you would like to see photos from the Denim event. 

How I Style Shirts with a jumper: The best thing about Winter is being able to layer up. I love pairing shirts underneath jumpers, sometimes buttoned up to the top or rolled at the cuffs. Although I end up wearing so many layers that my leather jacket can't fit over them and when I force it I look like I should roll about. 


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