Fedora Hat - H&M (exact one)
TShirt - ASOS (exact one)
Shoes - Deichmann (exact pair)

Trying to take photos with fierce winds and rain blowing in your face is a huge task. We took this last Sunday and the weather has not changed, its probably got worse. 

What Im Wearing:  I need to update my wardrobe with these simple T shirts. ASOS have a great range of basics. I went for this loose (although it is tucked in) V neck 'forever T'. Its comfortable and perfect for the Summer too. 

How I Style The Forever T: I didn't want to go for a casual look so opted for boyfriend jeans and court shoes, then before leaving the house I popped a hat on for the purpose of the rain. 

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  1. Hey hey, how are you?
    I love all photos, cute outfit!

    With love, Bárbara

  2. Fantastic outfit!!
    new post if you want visit

  3. Hey hey.
    I'm very happy you liked my little space - Preppy Lemonade. Many surprises are being prepared so put a like on the official page( of the blog and follow the blog trough bloglovin ( you don't miss anything!!
    With love, Bárbara

  4. Love this outfit. Really like the combination. THe hat and shoes make it less casual <3


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