Happy March (cant believe how quick time is flying by)

I feel like I'm wearing hardly nothing in this post. I'm so used to tagging lots of different clothing including accessories, but I kept this very simple. 
I was drawn to this dress, firstly because stripes is something we all need in our wardrobe this summer and secondly the way it sits out. Its hard to find a perfect dress that actually sits out like this. Usually they just hang on you, or they look puffed out in the images and when you try it on it hangs. 
Its such a lovely fit and it made me feel really cute and girly, isn't it weird that a piece of clothing can make you feel good! 

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  1. Lovely dress, it's a great fit.

  2. A lovely springtime look, I bought the topshop one a few weeks ago and I thought exactly the same it looked more flattering on than on the hanger even though my mum said I looked like a convict! Nevertheless you look great as always :)

  3. Love those shoes! xx


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