Tis the season for white... right? RIGHT! White jeans, white tee's, white underwear, white socks (even with sandals), white platforms, white sandals, I think you get the picture. So tuck away that pink and camel jacket you purchased last season and grab your bright white jacket. 

I love white because it goes with anything and it is such a vibrant colour when it hash't faded. Which brings me onto my pet hate about the colour white. Keeping your brights white. Grab that Daz, and DO NOT wash your whites with any other colours or even with gone off whites! 

The Asos duster coat has been a huge hit with bloggers such as A Fashion Fix, We Wore What and I Dress Myself

I have my blue eyes on the Coat in Texture from Asos, I like the touch of black zips. Which is your favourite?

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  1. That duster coat from ASOS is my faaaaaave! You're right, it's all about the white coat now, no more pink!

    Lily x


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