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How lovely are blog posts when the sun is shining. Perfect for the colour white. 
Never Fully Dressed has been my little secret obsession. You know when you find that brand you adore but don't want to share it because you know everyone will be after it and wearing it. Well for those of you who don't no about NFD. Here it is

The Flock Print Kimono is now on sale girls! The quality is really good, I especially like the felt pattern. Pairing the Kimono white white allows the mesh to be easily seen and makes the print stand out. Kimono season is just about here. 

I recently have had an interview with All Saints on Regent Street and have got through to the second interview stage. Since leaving University I've applied for around 40+ jobs (keeping note of every application) and this is the first one to get back to me. Its a Personal Stylist on the shop floor, so fingers crossed for me. My second interview is tomorrow. 

Im thinking of doing some Interview outfit posts, would you like to see them?

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  1. Lovely pictures, you look stunning hun! xx

  2. love the birks! Good luck for the second 2nd at All Saints! Being a personal stylist would be great, I love when customers ask me to help them choose an outfit when I'm at work. A blog post on interview outfits sounds great, I love the office chic look


  3. That kimono is sooooo beautiful! xx


  4. Your so brave to wear white but you look so beautiful in it. If that was me I'd have a mark on it before I even left the house.
    Gorgeous pictures. x

  5. Love this outfit especially with the white sliders <3

  6. These photos are so beautiful! As are you and this outfit looks like it was made for you. X


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