I have been meaning to show you this playsuit from Rare London for weeks now but had to wait until the English weather picked up a little bit. I wore it on a night out with the girls and loved it. It makes you feel very sexy. I would suggest for a night out to wear your hair up in a high tight bun for extra effect on the plunge. 
I love the soft colours and the zip at the front. It makes it easy to get in and out of. The fit is perfect and the shorts are the right length so your bum cheekies are covered ;). 

The lack of outfit posts are due to me starting my new job at All Saints. Im a full time stylist for them and the hours are pretty long, from 7am starts to getting home at 11pm. Still hunting for that buying job... fingers crossed something comes up soon.

What do you think? 

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  1. You look SO GOOD and so chic Joanne I wish I had the bosom to pull off an outfit like this. Definitely jealous! X

  2. I love anything snake or python skin and that outfit is WOW !! on you ... Very nice !!

  3. Ahh this playsuit is so so beaut! You look amazing xx
    Julia in Disguise

  4. You look amazing!!


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