A simple outfit topped of with a statement piece of jewellery can sometimes be the perfect touch. 
Ive added a touch of McQueen in this post. Come and take a look.

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I had to get this coat in a size 10 as 6 and 8 were sold out, but it comes 'handy' when you don't have any gloves. 
Watch the hands disappear...

For some reason when Winter comes around I pack up my jewellery and forget about it. I wish I didn't because I enjoy stacking rings and wearing accessories. 
Choosing this Alexander McQueen bracelet reminds me to accessorise more!

The Alexander McQueen accessories are simply beautiful, here are some of my favourite;

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Your probably getting a little fed up off seeing this Jacket on me, so Ive chosen some jackets new in from Asos, Topshop and other places; 

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It all fun and games when your shooting with your best friend!

Are you still looking for the perfect polo neck too?

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I was shocked to see these Dune Ankle Boots are now half price. Thats so affordable, and so worth it. 
Ive not shared with you my favourite ripped jeans in a while. 

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I woke up this morning thinking - Its almost Christmas. Im so excited. 
I got my new Fiat 500 yesterday, so Christmas for me came a little early. 
Enjoy your weekend everyone.


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