Day Three was our last night and day at La Sultana. We were a little bit dubious of where we were heading to next so we wanted to enjoy the last few hours in the hotel and enjoying the sunshine. 
We treated ourselves to a Hammam Scrub at the La Sultana Spa
. Come on and see us splashing around!

We started the morning off with breakfast as always. 
Mainly bowls off fruit with bread on the side. I couldn't start my day without carbs.

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After several hours of sunbathing, we both got a little bored. 
We decided to make use of the space around, acting like kids. 
Cart wheels, hand stands and of course - selfies.

And then we took a dip in the very cold, not so swimming pool. 

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We went back to socking up the sun and warming up after playing in the cool down pool. 
Then before we hit the spa, this time both of us took a dip in the big pool. 
Since Jennifer can't swim it was fun watching her splash around and float. 

I love the crochet on this bikini, the fit was so perfect.

Yes Jennifer stay where your feet can touch the ground!

Then onto the evening we spent the third night in a local open top roof bar. 
We decided to celebrate Jennifer's birthday a month earlier. Cake and sparklers were brought out as we danced with locals and enjoyed the music. 

You will be able to see more of the day when I upload a Vlog.

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