Just when you thought I had gone silent with Morocco - theres still so much more to share. 
Expect a lot of twirling, spinning and throwing of fabrics in this post.

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This Asos skirt is on the list of favourite items from 2014. It feels so luxurious and literally will have you twirling round and round in circles, even if your just walking to your car. 

This was one of the courtyards at La Sultana
What made this square room different to the rest was the white and blues, it was one of Jennifer's favourite. Had something pure about it. 
Although the water was very cold I couldn't help but try and take a dip...

I wasn't brave enough so I stuck with dipping my toe into... 
well thin air!

Some other maxi skirts that have caught my eye. 

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Are you ready for the spinning...

We had spent the day in the sun and because I was wearing a low back swimsuit I thought if was a good idea to lay on my front... all day. 
Say hello to my lobster back!

You may think that these off the shoulder tops are for Summer only, but over the Christmas period they got perfectly with a pair of jeans and killer heels. 

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I love how free spirited this outfit made me feel. Its amazing what an outfit can do and how it can change your mood. This is one of my favourites from this year by far.

Items perfect for Marrakech

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