A button down maxi dress that is as luxuriously heavy in fabric, flows to flow, Vs at the neck and has a print perfect for Morocco. I have to say this was one of my favourite dresses to wear.

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I chosen this maxi dress from Missguided because I knew the importance of covering up in Morocco.  Although it has the very deep V, I made sure I brought a pashmina to wear over my shoulders to cover this part up. But all in all it was perfect because it had the long length and the long sleeves and patterns. 

The split in the maxi kept making me point my toe like a ballerina, it just came natural - but I didn't realise how many times I done it *Monkey face covering eyes emjoii*

Some similar folky printed dresses that I've had my eye on since this dress;

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I couldn't help the twirling around either.

These were some of the hardest photos to took as the flash had to be on and there was very little lighting. It must have been earlier hours of the morning and you could just sense that the whole hotel was quietly sleeping, so tip toeing around in bare foot seemed appropriate. 

After several shots we decided to hit the pillow and get ready to wake up for our fourth day in Marrakech and head to our new Hotel, which I will be showing you this week. 

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