Follow Jenny and Me as we decided to spend New Years Eve in London with no where to stay just places to go for 24 hours. 

2014 NYE was probably one of my favourites I've had. 
Honestly I've only really had one great New Years Eve before this one. And that included watching the fireworks in London for the first time, Champagne and a hotel after. 
Every year I want to do something memorable, something great to start the year with. 

We decided on NYE to get on a train and head to London. 
I arranged a club for us to go to which was till 4am. I found us somewhere to go for breakfast straight after so that we could eat and then head to get the first train from London back to Kent. 

Sometimes having no real set plans are the best plans. Im lucky I have such a great best friend who is always up for doing anything!


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