Its Friday. 
So why not kick start the weekend off with the perfect black dress. 
It may not be the little black dress but with this back detail, the length of the dress is by no means, key.

When I go out for drinks (a few bottles more like) I don't go for the long coat. 
I feel a lot more chic in a short leather jacket.
Here are some tight fitted Leathers that I think would be perfect for an evening out.

If your still in love with the camel coat trend then here are some of my favourite.

Or you can brave this chilly weather and go bare. 
I lasted 10 seconds before I felt frozen...

...But I just had to show you the cross over back on this dress.

I find court shoes to be the best type of shoe to wear to with midi-dresses. 
Although I do love a strappy sandal. 
Because the dress is black you could easily get away with any colour shoe.

Oh and did I forget to say this dress is now half price!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 


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