The best thing about this cold (and wet) weather is the joy of layering up. 
Were seeing it a lot at NYFW and its encouraged me to wear coats on coats. 

Could my camel coat ever disappear from the blog? 
For now, no. 
But I do have some alternatives. 

I pulled the sleeves of my wool coat up so that the leather jacket peeked through the bottom of the sleeves. 
Mixing fabrics can really help build a great outfit.

I can just about handle a sheer shirt if it has a print. 
I don't think I could go back a few years to wearing white sheer. 
This River Island shirt fits perfectly, I didn't have to go up or down a size.

Im guessing if there not Boyfriend jeans their Girlfriend jeans now? 
Notice how the slit is supposed to be on my knee. 
Short girl problems eh. 

More 'Girlfriend' Jeans


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