With the big 14th just around the corner. 
Thats Valentines day for those who have forgot and those who are going to go through the day without even thinking about it. 

I have rounded up my top tips when buying underwear. 
Either for her, or for yourself... for him.

Know your size. Or know her size. 
Never guess. It will just go wrong. 
If your buying for yourself maybe get your bra size checked, you want to feel sexy and feel good. 
If your buying for her, check her underwear. But not the one at the back of the draw. Check one she has just taken off. That way you know you will be right.

Don't be tight. 
If she wanted a basic set of underwear, she would buy it herself. 
Treat her to something luxurious. It doesn't have to be a silk robe at £200, but push the boat out just a little. 
You should know what her usual budget is. 

Lace not padding. 
Lace is sexy. Padding is what you wear underneath your basic 
The whole point of lingerie is to flaunt yourself and be sexy.

Shop online. 
Sometimes underwear shopping can be 'embarrassing' for you guys. Shopping online means you can view it on the model and see what it looks like and you won't be rushed or pressured by staff.

Opt for a bodysuit. If your (or your partner) is not very body confident then the bodysuit is the perfect option. 

Get something for the end of the night. 
Its all well and good buying the lingerie. But why end the night there. 
Slip into something for bed. Then your ready for the morning too. 

Wearing Silent Assembly  
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