There was a time when band T shirts were for the cool kids who actually went to watch bands play. 
Not know more. They're the 'it' T shirt to have with your denim shorts this Summer. 
And for £12, you can build a good collection.

Paired with denim shorts for a beach and Cali vibe or with some suede leggings for that Thursday or Friday night down to your local bar. 
Suede leggings are also something new that I have tried, and they feel so good. 

This black Thrasher T, was only £12. Along with a wide range of other prints too. 
It really does give you that laid back, cool chick look. And you can find them all over the high street from New Look, Asos and Missguided.

Leather jackets and band Ts come hand in hand, surely. 
Its the best thing to rock the look up, whether its this £45 faux leather cropped jacket or your All Saints £300+ one.
Ive picked out a nice little selection for you below;

More designer bags;

Paired with a pair of £20 barely there sandals, that are almost a replica of the Saint Laurent - finishes the chilled, relaxed, don't give a damn (but really I do) look.


Some designer, some high street ^


Location Notting Hill, London | Photos by Hannah (A Fashion Fix)


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