When ever I go into someones home, Im always looking at what they have on there walls. 
It could be family photos, quotes around the kitchen or prints. 
But what ever it may be. 
What you hang on your walls says a lot about you. 

I visited Desenio and whilst I was browsing, had every room it mind. 
My living room has a lot of bare white walls.
On the entrance to my living room you are greeted with two large (50x70) Paris Prints.

Above my sofa I also have a lot of space and Im unsure with what to do with it. 
I picked up this beautiful black and white dancer print (50 X 70). But it looked very alone. 
Ive placed the Eiffel Tower next to it for these images but I think another black and white moving image is needed to sit besides it. 

My apartment doesn't have a separate dining area and has radiator covers which I find look bare. 
I added a simple print to the corner off one - this time with a little bit of colour. 
Personally I think its perfect for my office.

Most people have the typical kitchen quotes, such as 'mums kitchen' or 'mums cafe', something along those lines right? 
I love that Desenio had these perfectly fitting champagne quotes.

One of my favourites is this moon quote. Perfect for the bedroom. 

'You be the sun, and I be the moon. Just let your light come shining through.
And even in the darkest of light, just like the moon.
I will shine the light right back at you'


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