4 Ways I Motivate Myself After Travelling

Do you ever come back off holiday with those holiday blues as they are most well-known for. Or with a slight lack of inspiration? Well here are a few tips from me.

Whether I am away for a few days in Ibiza or six weeks in Thailand, I always come back with that dreaded feeling of back to normality. And that is with blogging as my full-time job. 
Sometimes it can be just the sheer thought of getting back into a normal routine or unpacking my suitcase. 
I've found the best ways to avoid that 'wish I was still away' feeling. 

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This comes naturally for some people, for me, however, I can be quite laid back with this and have been known to leave it for even a few weeks. 
I noticed that when I started unpacking and organising my case as soon as I was home, it allowed me to get on with other tasks quicker.


Even while I am away I never totally switch off from emails because I hate coming home to hundreds to sort through. 
I'll delete all of those subscription emails and leave the most important ones unread while I am away. 
On my first day back to work, emails will be top of my to do list.


Normally we tend to plan our holidays so we come back home the day before we are due back to work, so if that is the case, be sure to set your alarm still, even if it is another day off for you. 
It will just help you get back into that routine you need.


I like to do this before I go away so that I come home to a super tidy house. 
Although sometimes real life gets in the way. I am a true believer in a tidy house, a happy home and also a happy mindset.




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