Designer VS High Street Trainers (Saving You Hundreds)

Growing up having branded trainers was a big deal, anything else was kind of frowned upon. That has all changed. 

School years especially are the ones where you try to fit in the most. 
And branded trainers can be very expensive, especially if they are only for PE. However trainers have become a huge part of fashion over the past few years, and it seems to be staying that way. 

 Thanks to designers creating their own trainers, it has allowed the high street to create similar knock of styles, allowing them to still be cool with out the famous tick or three stripes. 

It's important to have trainers in most colours now, so being able to wear a high street pair for £30 allows you to get several pairs in various colours. For example these satin ones I am wearing also come in a blush pink

River Island has the best Balenciaga dupes, see here

I have rounded up designer vs high street options below, trying to find the best match as possible. 

Designer options:

High Street options:




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