Pink On Pink With A Hint of Tailoring

Pink on pink with a hint of tailoring 

Pink is a colour I tend to shy away from. 

Mainly because I don't like to feel too girly. 

You can read my tips on wearing pink here (also featuring a gorgeous RI pink coat)

This Pink Chenille Knit is practically like throwing a blanket around yourself and walking out the front door. 

It's oversized, so perfect to hide the 20-week baby bump. 

And the neck is nice and loose making it very comfortable.

(that I will no longer be able to fit into, but will be squeezing into them after the baby).

If I didn't have the bump these would go perfectly with a polo neck tucked in or a simple plain white T and statement shoes.

I downsized on these, very cute, Pink Bow Court Shoes

Perfect with an all-black outfit.



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