I never imagined how difficult it would be to find the perfect pair of maternity jeans

I was so excited to see how my maternity style would change. 
Not taking into consideration that my bump was to be at its biggest during Winter. 
Meaning I missed out on the chance to wear those beautiful, bohemian flowing dresses.
Instead, I have struggled to find the perfect pair of Maternity jeans to avoid living in black leggings.

So far, a day under 27 weeks pregnant I have tried (and been wearing) two brands of Maternity jeans. 
Next and Asos.

Next are great when it comes to sizing. 
They offer their normal 8 - 22 regular, tall, petite and maternity. 
They are so comfortable, however, I wish they were a little more fitted. 
I would suggest going down a size in them.

The second pair I own and am wearing in this post are the ASOS Maternity Florence Straight Leg Jeans.
For me, these are my favourite because I love wearing a light - mid wash denim, even in Autumn/Winter.
However, I could do with them in Petite so that the leg was a little shorter.
They are also a low rise, which took a little getting used to.

Both brands allow you to also shop for Petite Maternity, which is why they have been my go-to.




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