My Struggles With Instagram

Like many other bloggers who have voiced their opinions on Instagram.
-It's my turn

Gone are the days of adding borders to your photos, the simple and original Instagram filters or adding photos from your night out with your girls. 

Now it's all about consistent themes, scheduling and uploading at the right time.

And once we all had that figured out, Instagram threw the algorithm at us. 


For those who don't use Instagram for work purposes probably won't know much about this. 
Remember the time when Instagram showed photos in chronological order, gone are those days too. 

Instagram (like Facebook) are now showing you what they believe you want to see. 
That is why it is so important to like and support the accounts you love
That way you are more likely to see their next post, rather than it getting lost in thin air. 

I now insist on spending time going through Instagram after or before I have posted. 
Liking photos and even leaving comments.
Instagram is very focused on creating a community. 
So I think that also helps your own account.
It's also nice, instead of ghosting on the people you follow. 

I have struggled so much with Instagram this past year and with it being such a key priority for work it really affects all aspects of my job. 
I have played around with adding filters, to recently no filter what so ever - just playing with brightness etc. To now wanting to change this again. 
I find that people engage more with a filtered image. They desire it more. 
So a change is coming - again.

I would love to know your thoughts on Instagram and what you do to keep up with the new changes.




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